Teaching Science through Food and Biotechnology

Presenter: Dr. Rene Massengale - Harrisburg University
Room 106A 9:15 - 10:00 and 1:00 - 1:45

Session Description

Would you like to host an F.S.I. training session at your school? F.S.I. or Food Safety Investigation is an exciting scientific field in which scientists track the source of foodborne disease outbreaks from illness to source. FSIs (Food Safety Investigators) also track the source of contamination within a food industry location from the food product all the way back to the contamination source. In this session, you will learn about innovative methods of teaching science, molecular biology, and epidemiology through the “lens” of Food Safety Investigations in the classroom using computer and lab-based learning technologies. Dr. Massengale is a food and water quality microbiologist with experience in and out of the classroom. Join her today for this hands-on experience!

Session Visual Aids

  1. Powerpoint Presentation: Teaching Science Through Food and Biotechnology

Information/Resources from Harrisburg University

  1. Food Safety & Quality Blog
  2. Food Safety & Quality Twitter: @rdmassengale
  3. Professional Development Training Opportunities


  1. Be Food Safe
    1. Website: Be Food Safe
    2. Be Food Safe: Activity Book
  2. Thermy
    1. Website: Thermy Temperature Safety
    2. Resources
  3. Fight Bac
    1. Website: Fight Bac
    2. Resources
  4. CDC Interactive Epidemiology Case Studies
  5. Egg Recall Case Study
    1. CDC website: Cases of illness from the 2010 egg recall
    2. CDC/FDA Egg Recall Timeline
    3. FDA Egg Recall Website (including inspection reports from the farms)
  6. Mythbusters: Mythbusters presentation

Contact Information:
Rene D. Massengale, MS, PhD
Associate Professor of Biotechnology
Food Safety & Quality Initiative
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
326 Market St
Harrisburg, PA 17101
717-901-5133 (off)
717-901-3133 (fax)